Mollytime Rabbit a children's book
Mollytime Rabbit and her husband Hoss Hare live in a wonderful wood where, though they are childless, plenty of children come by to sniff and taste Mollytime’s pies...

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...One special day, Mollytime decides to bake three delicious sweet carrot pies, but as she’s finishing her last one, a nasty jackrabbit rushes by and steals the pie meant for the Autumn Fair.

In his debut children’s book, Mollytime Rabbit: The Finest Pie Maker in the Woods, author Mark Tucci offers up a tasty tale with a gentle lesson about overcoming disappointment and ‘fessing up to wrongdoings.

As the young jackrabbit prepares to dive into Mollytime’s pie, he is overcome with guilt. Will he or won’t he? And how does Mollytime buck up in the face of disappointment?

Delightfully illustrated by William Loring, Mollytime Rabbit is a story that children - and adults - will reach for again and again.


Mollytime Rabbit

The Finest Piemaker
In The Woods

Written by Mark Tucci & Illustrated by William Loring

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